Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Can Help?

Well, thank you very much for asking! You may help by donating to the Tuesday Whitt Memorial Fund, by clicking the picture link below:

OR, you can send it to a family friend of the Whitt's. She collects it and presents it to the Whitts. You can go here by clicking below:


If you would prefer to make a donation to pediatric cancer research in Tuesday's name, go to or the Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado (the hospital Tuesday was in) are two great choices.

Another great choice is donating to this wonderful cause, Cookies for Kid's Cancer

You may donate to Band of Parents. org, or the Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society to donate directly to neuroblastoma.

If you reside in Canada, please make a donation to the IWK Childrens Hospital.

You can host a fundraiser yourself for pediatric cancer research. We have tons of ideas for you.

*Bake sale. Have people donate baked goodies, or bake them all yourself, and sell them at a porting event, yard sale, market, etc ...

*Jellybean count. Fill a big jar full of jellybeans and get people to pay some change to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. If they guess right, they get the jar. (Great for schools)

*Benefit concerts. If you know someone who is in a band, or a school band, ask them to donate their time and voices for a benefit concert. Charge emission to attendees.

*Organize a walk. Have people register for the walk, and they are responsible for finding sponsors and getting pledges.

*Bag groceries. Get a couple of team members together, and ask a local grocery store if they would let you bag groceries, or load carts, for donations. Make sure you have a sign saying what the donations are for.

*Raffles. Have a prize for whomever wins.

*Penny drives, or change drives. Highly successful.

*Auctions. Have someone donate an item, and have an auction on your blog. Every entry can cost 50 cents, or a dollar, and they can paypal it to you. You can also hold an auction in your own town. Make sure you have a few items to choose from.

*Comment Love. Pledge for every comment made on your blog on a time frame (for example, from Monday - Wednesday, or the month of March, etc ...) you will donate to any of the funds listed above.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to help any other way, please email


  1. i am hosting a comment love donation on my site on tuesday this week...$1 a comment with a max of $ case it goes nuts. it will be on the tuesday tribute form jay at halftime lessons...where i spotlight you guys here on this fab blog! you guys rock it out!

  2. I heard someone was looking for art donations for an auction for this cause. Please let me know how I might donate art.
    Thanks, Rebecca

  3. My family and I would love to send goody bags to Children's Hospital in Denver, Colorado.

    We originally donated goody bags in her honor here:

    God Bless!

  4. A bunch of digital scrapbook designers have created a digital scrapbook kit to benefit the Whitt family. There is a HUGE kit, as well as quick pages and a complete brag book for sale. You can read more about this at:

    The Kit is priced at $14.99
    Quick Pages are priced at $9.99
    Brag Book is priced at $5.99

    All proceeds, minus the Paypal fees will be going to the Whitt family. So, if there are any digital scrapbookers who'd like to help out the Whitt family, this is one way to do it! This is a BEAUTIFUL kit!